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Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is not a storm site, as it still bears the name of the first tornado of its kind in the United States. On this date in 1922, there were two severe storms in southern Illinois and western Indiana, including a tornado. Two estimated F4 tornadoes have wreaked havoc in Oakdale, Illinois, and to a lesser extent in parts of southern Indiana and Kentucky.

It will rain heavily at times, and amounts of 2-3 inches are likely, with some heavy amounts. All types of severe thunderstorms would have been possible, including heavy rains, damaging winds, heavy hail, gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and gusty winds. Strong tornadoes can be expected in the northern half of the state, as well as parts of southern Illinois and western Indiana.

Tuesday looks dry and mild, but in the afternoon and evening there will be several showers and thunderstorms, with some heavy rain and gusty winds. Then, a dynamic weather system will bring the possibility of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and tornadoes to parts of Alabama.

In the event of school closures, parents and staff are informed via an automated telephone call system. In the event of late openings, parents and staff are informed via an automated telephone call system and / or SMS. In the event of school closures, parents and staff were informed about automated phone calls and / or text messages.

If a school is forced to close due to weather conditions or other circumstances, parents and staff are notified via an automated telephone call system and / or SMS. If a redundancy period is announced, the redundancies will be made in increments of 30 minutes. If schools are to close early, the decision should be taken by the school board, not by principals or staff.

In the event of a delayed opening, both students and staff will contact us, but it is important to maintain communication if it needs to be changed to close. If the system calls for a two-hour delay in opening, all employees who normally show up for work at 7: 30 a.m. would report at 9: 05 a.m., and all students who report to the bus stop by 7: 05 a.m. would report at 8: 45 a.m., and so on.

Funded by the Alabama - Mississippi Sea Grant Consortium, it examines how messages motivate citizens in rural and urban communities to take action. Researchers will conduct interviews with people in deaf communities across the Southeast, and use this information to provide air meteorologists with valuable feedback on which languages are most effective for communicating with a wide range of audiences. The ability to effectively communicate severe weather to vulnerable rural populations is critical to ensuring public safety and saving lives. In addition to communicating severe weather warnings, the researchers at C - IS are a crucial element of the scientific process for life - and are transforming advances in meteorology.

For the moment, IS researchers are behaving as if they are in the midst of a battle for the future of meteorology - and for their lives.

These relationships fuel our ability to solve problems to improve the lives of our communities for future generations, and our relationship fuels our success.

According to Griffin, everyone benefits from making the world more accessible to all kinds of people. A hotel that places a thermostat within reach of a bedside table does not sacrifice the aesthetics of design, but it makes a big difference for people with reduced mobility. The importance of outdoor classrooms cannot be overstated, as Keasal has helped design other outdoor classrooms in Alabama. In recent years, other Tuscaloosa schools have used them to teach children responsibility and sustainable living.

Woodland Forrest Elementary School has been named a Green Ribbon School by the US Department of Education. The outdoor classrooms were housed in the Oakdale Elementary building until it was renovated at the start of the school year. Kent and others did not want to let the program go and decided to move the classrooms to the new building to take the opportunity to do something new.

Curtis Peagler was one of several fathers who helped dig the pond and line the rocks in the holes. Kent worked with various organisations to get grants for raised garden beds, a rock filter system for the ponds and more.

Peagler said his children love the school garden and he gives so much to the community. Kent said he had seen the program grow strongly over the past decade and saw it as a great opportunity for the city. Problems with the future of energy development were a major issue during his Chancellorship.

A warm front will move across the Tennessee border tonight, turning large parts of the state into an unstable air mass. Clouds will strengthen tonight ahead of this cold front and a band of rain will move across our state by midnight. There's a good chance the northern part of the state will be in the rain - cooler, stable air during this event. One question concerns the extent of this unstable radiation to the north, and we expect a lot of uncertainty in our forecast for the next few days as to the exact timing and intensity of such events.

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