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What could be better than a trip to the local florist in Oakdale, Alabama, during tulip season? Sam Eberhardt owns a small flower farm near her home in Austin with her husband Dan Poole.

Alexis is also a member of the Gay - Straight Alliance Club and currently its president. Nicole has been working as a Campus Club at Cultural Cuisine Interact since her freshman year and is currently the club's president!

Her parents, Nicole and Phillip Davis, support and cheer her on no matter what she does, and Carley has encouraged her every step of the way. Alexis is supported in all her efforts by her friends and family, especially her sister Antonia. Nicole has supported her in every task from her first day at school to her last year of school.

Harmony has been kept up to date with all the news and updates about her school, family and friends and family.

She has been involved in numerous water polo games and has shared her love of the sport through volunteer work. She also attended the Autism Speaks Walk in Modesto and enjoys teaching the basics of cheerleading to young girls who participate in the Mini Mustangs program at OHS. Stephanie also participates in outdoor training programs and receives recognition certificates for her time as a volunteer.

After school, she participates in summer theater programs, feeds the homeless in her church and volunteers for IDMES. Carley is active at Divino Do and receives recognition certificates for her work in the program and her voluntary work at the school. After school she took part in summer theatre programs and during this time volunteered at ID mES.

Stephanie received her Academic Block O for her work on Divino Do and her participation in the summer theatre programme. Harmony was also recognized for his efforts, which earned him an award from the Alabama Department of Education's Special Education Office.

After graduating from OHS, Alexis plans to attend the University of Washington and become a pediatrician or family doctor. With an interest in medicine, Stephanie would like to either attend Johns Hopkins University or study at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, in the hope of becoming a biomedical engineer or orthopedic surgeon after graduating from Oakdale High School.

After graduating from Oakdale High School, Madison plans to attend the University of Washington and study medicine to begin a career as a pediatrician. Nicole is interested in law and after graduating from OHS, she would like to either study at university or become a lawyer. After graduating from Oakdale High School, Harmony would have liked to attend Ohio State University to study business administration, hoping to own her own business.

Besides school sports, she likes to sing, plays guitar, piano and ukulele, paints and looks for vintage items. In her spare time Mackenzie enjoys sports, romps, listens to music, edits photos, transforms old things into new ones, sews, crafts and does make-up.

Madison is also an active member of the choir of her school and helps with various events and school associations. Carley has been part of Oakdale High School Interacting Arts Club for three years and interacts with students of all ages.

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The Cape Fear High School graduate, who now owns a florist in Dunn, said recently that he felt God had told him to provide flowers to patients being treated in nursing homes because of the coronavirus pandemic. I think people really enjoy going out on the market, and at COVID it's a safe, outdoor thing. Then you hear directly from people what emotional and personal impact bringing flowers has on them. They are very passionate about their flowers and their family and friends and family members.

After a public personal battle with mental health issues, Spears' career, often described as his best work, was cut short and he announced an indefinite career break after his restorer placed him in a psychiatric facility, leading to an ongoing lawsuit - led by his team. He died in hospital surrounded by his family from complications from a broken hip weeks earlier. People were hoping they could do the event, but at some point people realised we couldn't do it, "Eberhardt said.

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