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The Stony Brook restaurant has been doing big business with its Christmas decorations since the 1970s. Italian restaurant lights up Old Country Road with £150 wreaths, lit stars and garlands Classic Italian restaurants may have changed their names and ownership, but they still have the same classic decor and old-fashioned style of food and drink.

When you look up, you will find a wreath hidden in a canoe in the kitchen, and in each window there are wreaths and painted ribbons. When you enter this riverside restaurant, located on the Connetquot River in a residential area of Oakdale, you will be greeted by snow - a dusty tree covered in shells and starfish. The frosted tree and vintage lanterns accentuate the dining room overlooking the main bay, among other decorations. Aside from the upturned tree, fresh garlands line the room and also match the decor that hangs inside, which co-owner Luke Heneghan says costs nothing.

The hanging ornaments, fairy lights and the custom-made bows and ornaments add even more charm to the restaurant, but there is more to the dining room than just the decorations and decorations.

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America has conducted itself in accordance with the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program, which provides information and resources to keep restaurant kitchens safe. Follow the guidelines for restaurants that offer gluten-free products, such as the "Gluten - Free Menu" section of the restaurant website.

Three times a week we have our own little van that takes people to Target for lunch, and we also have special offers. We have a white tablecloth and cloth napkins so you can order from the menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Gluten was put on the French-American menu when a customer approached us and asked for it. Another gluten-free option is the dosa, or crispy crepe, served at the Hampton Chutney Company in Amagansett. It's made with rice and lentil flour, she said, but they have nothing special for you.

Over the years, Mama's has added a gluten-free menu, including linguine penne, breaded and fried squid, which are prepared with the same ingredients as their regular menu items, but with a few changes. The barbecue sauce does not contain wheat, which is often used as a thickener. All participating restaurants, as well as the restaurant itself, have installed a new, highly engineered food safety system to prevent food from being cross-contaminated with wheat and gluten. Our kitchen is clean and our core products are naturally gluten-free, she said, and we have no duplicates in our facility, which prevents cross-contamination.

Ms Bonavoglia, who also sits on the board of a Suffolk-based celiac group with Ms Watins, has campaigned for more gluten-free meals to be available at the restaurant. What stopped her, Ms. Lentini said, then began offering a homemade gluten-free menu at her family-run restaurant, Mama's, in 2011.

She hopes more restaurants will offer gluten-free menus and that awareness of celiac disease and its impact on people's health will continue to grow.

But Lysa Jaramillo, the restaurant's director, said the holiday spirit won't be a problem for those visiting her restaurant in the heart of downtown.

The spot's owner and operator, Stephen Mahood, said the spot's natural colours are suitable for the Christmas season and he is happy about it.

Jones, who also worked for nearly 30 years as a county supervisor for the Pioneer Press, said he thinks of the old stereotype of a used-car salesman. The restaurant's exterior facade was also decorated with wreaths, garlands, plants and Christmas lights. The dining room has an artificial tree measuring 1.50 metres high, and more than 100 poinsettias have been erected on the 10,000 square metre site, said director general Kerry Blanchard. Two adorn the dining rooms of the Connetquot River, named after the riverfront where the restaurant is located. It took about four employees to place a 1.60-metre-high artificial tree in each of them.

Al Hohenwald got his strong work ethic from Fred Theola, who owned a baggage division, Mike Hohenswald said. The family once owned and operated seven different food stalls at the fair, including a grocery store, an ice cream parlour, a café and a restaurant. The company moved to its current location on the west side of the river in 1995, according to the company's website.

I also returned to the enclosed courtyard, a space that has become more important for food purposes since the pandemic changed the rules of eating. My mother's room has a large, wooded swamp area, home to many animals, including coyotes and waterfowl, which she loves to watch. The residents are also really great and we are very convenient near where we live.

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