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One of the nation's most important youth activities has become one of Oakdale's most prestigious youth events, the Junior Miss Contest. This year, the 1989 Oak Dale JuniorMiss competition is sponsored for the first time by Soroptimist International of Oakdale and sponsored by the Sor Optimist Society of Southern Alabama and its members. The nominees, who will present their categories on the evening of October 1, will receive a $100,000 prize and a two-day trip to the Center for the Performing Arts in Atlanta, with performances and workshops. Two finalists from each of these categories, plus a third-place finisher, will compete for a place in a competition selected and honored on November 3 at the annual Sor Optimist Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

The national junior champion travels to the national final in Mobile, the national winner advances to the national final. The winner from the state of California will compete in a national final in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 3 and 4, 1989.

Oakdale - Local residents are encouraged to take part in this exciting program and get inspired by the spirit of Junior Miss. In addition, the local winner will be chosen for the JuniorMiss national competition, which is scheduled to take place in Santa Rosa early next spring. The national competition of the junior Miss for the United States of America will take place on November 3 and 4, 1989 in Nashville, Tennessee.

To learn more about the Astoria Oakdale and why residents like to call it their home, please use the links above to plan a tour. To learn more about Soroptimist International of Oak Dale and its programs and services for seniors in or near the city, visit ca700 Laurel Avenue oakdale.com. For more information about Oakdale's Sor Optist International, please visit the link above or call (888) 745-5555. If you are interested in learning about other events in the area, such as the Junior Miss Alabama event or the Senior Club, you can use this link below to make an enquiry.

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Through her sponsorship of the Junior Miss program, the Soroptimist provides scholarships and funds to support the education of outstanding young women in our community. This year's competition and the programmes that preceded it will also provide hundreds of young women across the country with the opportunity to continue their education. At the local, state and national level, JuniorMiss aims to recognize, reward and promote excellence in youth and to provide a means by which young people can express their hopes and opinions.

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